by Lacy Danes

March 2007
ISBN: 0-7582-1567-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Lustís Vow

Hannah Rosworthís late husband hadnít had sex with her in years. He called her passionless and too inexperienced for his tastes. For Kenneth Walker, Hannahís first love, she is the epitome of fiery passion. He knows the passionate wanton she has locked inside her because they spent many hours exploring each otherís bodies. And at the Seasonís most scandalous orgy, he intends to show her the meaning of uninhibited erotic pleasure.


Courtesan Cora Durand knows how to make a man beg for the painful pleasures she bestows. She is no stranger to the erotic art of domination and submission but it is in submission to a strong dominant man that her true pleasure lays. The Knights of Hell, a menís club dedicated to the pursuit of sexual games, is full of men whose skills in domination are well known. Rupert Roland has desired Cora for quite some time. When he realizes she has placed herself at the bittersweet mercies of his Knights Rupert knows it is finally time to lay claim to his woman.

Night of the Taking

In a small English village local virgins take part in a mysterious ritual. When curiosity gets the better of her Jessica is shocked to find she has been chosen to be a part of the erotic rituals held at the Festival of Catus. The alluring green-eyed man who chooses her is willing to use every means at his disposal to solidify his claim on Jessica as his mate and his queen.

Lacy Danes erotic romance debut is unbelievably sexy! Three women search for their passionate mates in What She Craves and get more than they bargained for. If frank descriptions and dialogue are not your favorite glass of wine then this lush sensual anthology is not for you. And that would be a shame.


Reviewed in February 2007 by Cynthia.

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