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January 2007
ISBN: 0-505-52710-3
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Mass Market Paperback

Take another visit to Crimson City with Shards of Crimson, the new anthology based on the popular paranormal futuristic series. Founding author Liz Maverick is joined by three other talented writers to bring readers a quartet of vignettes into the ongoing saga.

Ms. Maverick’s contribution, A Time to Howl, brings readers back into the tenuous realm of vampire-werewolf negotiations. To further cement their alliance, three Dumont vampires are scheduled to wed daughters of the House Royale, the purest werewolf clan on the East Coast. The nuptial arrangements are progressing smoothly until Princess Gianna Asprey is the target of an attack. Tajo Maddocks, leader of the Rogues does not like to be set up as the villain, and rescues the dainty werewolf, hoping that she can be used for leverage. He gets a lot more than he expected.

Carolyn Jewel chimes in with DX, a demonic tale of the notorious Bak-Faru. Helen “Hell” Marshall has been asked to consult with I-Ops, her former employers, to stop a werewolf-demon alliance. She has been paired with Agent Jaden Lightfeather, the most gorgeous operative she has ever seen. However, no matter how pretty “Agent Incredible Hunk” is, Hell is more concerned about how well he will guard her back when she travels into the Lower and faces Elijah Douglas and his crew. She has no idea that she has a powerful demon at her disposal.

School Bites is not just the sentiment expressed by students, but a risk faced by Jade Lee’s characters. Special Ed teacher Toni Freedman is not supposed to wade into the middle of a student brawl. She is supposed to wait for back-up. Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, she forgets and is bitten by a young werewolf. When the antidote does not work, she must learn to control her new powers with the help of her boss, John Wong, who is not only a school principal, but a powerful Druid.

Demons are once again the subject of the final novella, Dark Awakening by Patti O’Shea. Kimi Noguchi has just started training to learn the extent of her magical powers. She has no idea that they extend far beyond those of the other women in her circle. She is kijo – a rare mix of human and demon powers. This has placed her in grave danger, especially since she is unaware of her abilities. When she is attacked, she calls on the one person strong enough to protect her, the demon Nicodemus. He has been avoiding her because he promised not to claim her as his mate until she was older. Now, all of his protective feelings storm to the forefront as he must save Kimi at all costs – even his own life.

Shards of Crimson is a fast-paced read filled with action. My personal favorite was A Time to Howl, but there is something for everyone in this anthology. Crimson City fans will not be disappointed.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Paula.

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