by Naomi Neale

February 2007
ISBN: 0-505-52697-2
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Mass Market Paperback

Newly divorced, Rebecca Egan is sitting at a hip bar waiting for her friends when she gets chatted up by a player. Unfortunately, Becca didnít recognize the manís methods and was quickly working her way up his Yes Ladder when she is rescued by A.J. Daye, a consummate pickup artist.

Cavalier and flirtatious, A.J. offers to teach Becca the ways of the ďgit it, hit it, and forgit itĒ Method. He offers her the opportunity to be his wingman and, against her better judgement, Becca agrees. Soon, sheís learning the ways of the Method Man as A.J. picks up women and treats them to his special personality. As Becca learns the nitty gritty of what it takes to be a pickup artist, she is starting to doubt all the men in her life. That includes the man who has been on the sidelines for the past year but is starting to become someone important to her. Will she let A.J.ís pickup scams ruin something precious?

Artificial and shallow pretty much sums up this book. Becca and A.J.ís evenings out just showcase the lengths men and women are willing to go to in order to hook up. The emotions from this book barely skim the surface and they match the shallow plotline.

Becca is not my favorite Naomi Neale character to date. Ms. Neale usually creates approachable, vulnerable if sarcastic, and ultimately likable characters. Becca unfortunately only matches the sarcastic and snippy part. I was much more interested in the secondary characters, particularly Portia, A.J.ís sister, a radio talk show host whose vapid remarks and obliviousness to anyone other than herself provided for plenty of laughs. In fact, it is the secondary characters, Beccaís coworkers, friends, and sister, who bumped this book up a notch for me. They help to create some depth in Method Man. Itís not much, but the humor and wacky situations these characters found themselves in made for a very amusing story.

Method Man isnít the book you need when youíre looking for a dramatic and emotionally-fulfilling love story, but, if youíre just looking for a few good laughs and a very quick-read, you canít go wrong. I can only hope Ms. Nealeís next story is more on par with her previous efforts.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Sarah.

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