by Lucy Blue

January 2007
ISBN: 978-1-4165-1196-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books #1
Mass Market Paperback

Roxanna hated being a creature of the night. She couldn’t face another moment as a monster. In utter despair, she had banished herself inside a bottle for what she intended to be forever. She’d heard tales of a Chalice which could save her from the vampire curse, but she held little hope of its existence. Then someone released her from her self-imposed prison as cursed as the day she went inside. Roxanna emerged to find a massacre had taken place. There were good men who’d been killed by brigands. She would feel no guilt feeding from the murderers and destroying them in the process.

Gareth’s singing saved him. While in the bottle, Roxanna had heard his voice. She didn’t want to see one such as him die. In a shack deep in the forest, Roxanna nursed Gareth back to health. She couldn’t bring herself to feed from him. Roxanna didn’t want him to see her for the monster she really was.

Gareth had been on his way to his grandfather in the Highlands, when his camp had been attacked. As a child he’d moved with his mother to England after his father had been killed. Now his grandfather was calling him back to take over as Laird of the clan. Gareth, however, considered himself English and had no desire to take his grandfather’s place. There were some at the keep who agreed with Gareth and were willing to go to excessive lengths to keep it from happening.

Lucan Kivar was back and Roxanna pledged to destroy him. She didn’t want Gareth endangered and tried to protect him by leaving and abandoning all that had developed between them. She was soon to discover, however, that Gareth could very well be the key to destroying the evil that had started it all.

Dark Angel by Lucy Blue is the third installment in her Bound in Darkness series. This one didn’t seem as dark as the previous story. There is even a touch of humor in Gareth and Roxanna’s tale. The love story also plays a bigger part in this book. Characters from the previous books in this series make an appearance that plays well into the plot. Dark Angel is my favorite and in my opinion, well worth the read.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Rho.

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