by Ana Leigh

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-7434-6997-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback


From the moment handsome drifter Garth Fraser sauntered into the saloon Rory O’Grady knew her world was about to be rocked! Rory tried to avoid trouble at all costs. As soon as her ailing pop was better, they would move on but until then Rory meant to keep her virtue intact, it was the only thing of value she had.

That darn fool Fraser was getting drunk and had gone upstairs with one of the girls who sold more then the dances Rory offered. Two sinister men were plotting to shanghai Fraser, and Rory felt obligated to stop it. Rescuing Fraser, Rory had no choice but to bring the injured man home and let him sleep off his alcoholic stupor, something Rory was an expert at having dealt with Pop all her life.

Former Confederate Cavalry officer Garth Fraser had come west and was seeking the gold mine his dead uncle had found in the treacherous mountains of California. His brothers Clay and Colt had found wives and settled down, but that wasn’t for Garth. He had wanderlust in his heart, and there was no room in there for the beautiful Irish lass that had saved him. That didn’t mean Garth couldn’t have a little fun with Miss O’Grady. There was no way he believed her story about being a virgin, heck the girl worked in a saloon! Garth was furious when he realized that Rory and her father had stolen his map to the gold mine. Working from memory, Garth was able to track the O’Grady’s to the mine, and confronted them. Deciding there would be enough gold for all, Garth would help them. Being alone on a mountain and fighting the dangers of both man and beast, Garth and Rory also battled their growing desire for one another.

Ana Leigh’s newest chapter in her Fraser saga, His Boots Under Her Bed doesn’t quite have the spark of her previous books. The customary humor and snappy dialogue is in evidence but for some reason, hero Garth is just too good and noble to be true. Paddy O’Grady with his greed and drunkenness gets monotonous and Rory seems to be trapped in a tug-o-war between the two. I enjoyed the antics of the animals better then the humans in the story. Fans of the Fraser series will want to read His Boots Under Her Bed, but don’t expect too much and the disappointment won’t be so great.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Bonnie.

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