by Allison Brennan

ISBN: 978-0345495044
Reviewer Graphic Button Ballantine Books
Mass Market Paperback

This third book in the Evil trilogy starts off intense and never stops. If you’ve read the two previous books then you are more than familiar with the Kincaid family and how they are protective of Lucy Kincaid. When she doesn’t show up for her high school graduation, everyone begins to worry. When they find out she’s been kidnapped and is now the main feature for an online website which allows viewers to decide on the manor of her death, they are hard pressed not to completely panic.

FBI agent Kate Donovan has been on the trail of this killer for years. He’s responsible for the death of her former lover as well as her partner. Now she’s in hiding, her superior holding her responsible for the deaths and determined to see her behind bars. She’s using her computer skills to hunt this killer down and she doesn’t care if he kills her as long as she takes him with her. When she learns that Lucy is his latest victim, she sends the information to the only agent she still trusts – Quinn Peterson, whom we met in this author’s previous trilogy.

Dillon Kincaid, forensic psychiatrist, can’t sit around and do nothing while his sister is being held captive and there’s a 48 hour time limit on her life. He is able to track down Kate and insist she let him work with her. She doesn’t want anyone else around and she’s not comfortable with Dillon’s ability to read her so well. But he refuses to be left behind and the two, along with Dillon’s twin brother Jack, are soon racing off to stop this twisted killer before it’s too late.

Fear No Evil is a fast paced suspense and it doesn’t pull any punches. While graphic and scary, it’s also a romance between two very strong individuals who are equally surprised to find themselves falling in love while everything else in their lives is falling apart.

Reviewed in April 2007 by Jackie.

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