by Sandra Brown

March 1992
ISBN: 0-553-29500-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Bantam Books
Mass Market Paperback

Sage Tyler thought she had it made, a wonderful fiance, her brothers happily married and she was happy to set her future mother-in-law into fits.

It’s Christmas time and she’s at her fiancee’s house, wishing that he had gotten her engagement ring for Christmas, instead it was a gold bracelet. That’s when her fiancee breaks their unofficial engagement. Sage guesses that his mother was behind most of the decision, not that she cares, she tells herself. After a few tears, she decides to try to find a way back home, but her car is in Austin, so that’s out.

But just as she’s about to go into the house to pack her things, she sees him. After a few minutes, he introduces himself and says that he knows her brothers. She finds that he’s Harlan Boyd, and though she’s never heard of him, he says that he’s there to take her home because one of her sisters-in-law has gone into labor.

After a few days, Sage decides to take a risk and join her brothers in Tyler Drilling. Little does she realize that Harlan has developed something that could put Tyler Drilling back on the map. But when Sage begins to try to sell it to people, she finds there’s a lot more to Harlan Boyd than first met the eye.

Unanswered questions that Sage and posed to Harlan about his past are suddenly answered and she’s forced to make a choice between money and family and the love of her life.

Harlan has made a lasting impression on my mind as an incredible rebel. I simply fell in love with him. I recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a good story to fall in love with!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Lucy.

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