by Janet Evanovich

September 2002
ISBN: 0-312-98327-1
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

Wonderful news for Janet Evanovich fans! Her earliest books, published under the pseudonym of Steffie Hall, are being re-worked and re-released!! Most often a “reworked” novel is simply a publisher’s attempt to cash in on a big name by offering an early book by that same writer, which is disappointing when you already have that book under its original name. But Steffie Hall books have been practically impossible to find, some selling for exorbitant prices at auction. So pout no more, Evanovich lovers – she’s back, and better than ever.

In her pre-Plum days, Janet Evanovich wrote romances – fun, lighthearted and very witty romances, distinctly similar to the early works of Jennifer Crusie. This book is no exception. From the moment we meet Billie Pearce, sitting uncomfortably on the top of a polo pony, we love her. She’s divorced, devoted to her two kids, and has absolutely no intention of getting involved with gorgeous, wealthy Nick Kaharchek who owns said polo ponies and is teaching a class of would-be players. How could a mini-van owning Mom have anything in common with a Mercedes-driving multimillionaire?

Well, the adventures these two enjoy are enough to make you ache from laughing, and the loving they share is warm, wonderful and real. As always, Janet’s secondary characters bear a lot of the plot load, and here they are certainly up to the task. From Nick’s wild and wacky cousin, to Billie’s handyman, they all have very important parts in the tale. Be sure not to miss the wrestlers – they steal some of the show.

This is truly a wonderful book that will grab your attention and take you off on a fun adventure with wonderful people, and plunge you deep into a love affair that makes you yearn for your own Nick Kaharchek! Let’s hope that more of Ms. Evanovich’s early books are “re-worked” – if they’re as much fun as this one, I’ll be collecting every single one!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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