by Julia Ross

November 2006
ISBN: 0-425-21197-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Trade Paperback

Sarah Callaway is desperate. Her cousin is missing and she has reached the end of her own meager search. She hopes that Guy Devoran will remember Rachel, and be willing to help locate her.

Guy Devoran is intrigued when he realizes that he is being followed. When his pursuer turns out to be a lovely young widow, he is surprised. When he discovers who she is looking for, he is horrified. He remembers Rachel quite clearly. She was his mistress for a number of months before she disappeared suddenly. How is he going to tell Mrs. Callaway that her cousin wove a tale of lies?

Author Julia Ross concludes her Wyldshay trilogy with Clandestine, another suspenseful and evocative novel filled with her unique writing style. Ms. Ross knows how to spin a tale like no other, and readers are rewarded in this lush tale.

As Sarah and Guy travel across England searching for clues, they find themselves being drawn further into danger, and passion. This unlikely pair discover that they have more in common than Rachel, and the romance that ensues is heart-warming.

Ms. Ross never fails to delight readers, and I will be interested to see what she has in store next.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Paula.

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