by Robin Popp

January 2007
ISBN: 0-446-61784-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Detective John Boehler is so angry when Simon Brody, a killer heíd spent months investigating, is found innocent that he publicly threatens him. When Brody ends up dead and thereís evidence John was in the area, heís suspended. Internal affairs begins questioning him about the death as well as similar ones that John has nicknamed the Exsanguinators, due to the victimís extreme blood loss.

While John didnít kill Brody, he was in the park that night and ran across a sword wielding woman. He puts her in lockdown at the psych ward while trying to figure out her identity. When he learns sheís related to Admiral Winslow, he has her released and takes her to the admiralís home.

Jessica may be young, but sheís strong enough to hunt vampires, and she wants her family to know it. Sheís in the states to deliver a sword to her uncle, but when she sees a vampire in the park, she canít just let it go. So when John arrests her, sheís not exactly thrilled.

John learns the truth about the Night Slayers and joins forces with them in the hunt for Brody, who is back now as a vampire. Jessica isnít allowed to accompany them, so she goes off on her own, trying to lure the serial-killer-turned-vampire close enough to slay him herself. Once again she finds herself less than successful thanks to Johnís interference.

When John learns Brody has some sort of obsession for Jessica, he realizes he canít let her out of sight, regardless of how much she doesnít want him around. And they both have to figure out how to deal with the passion that sparks between them whenever they are together.

This third book in the Night Slayer series is a gritty, fast paced suspense combined with an intense, intimate relationship. The characters from previous books make welcome appearances and help John as he tries to find his way among creatures he never believed existed. Youíll be thrilled to know you wonít have to wait long for the next installment Ė Lord of the Night!

Reviewed in January 2007 by Jackie.

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