by Jennifer Crusie

October 1996
ISBN: 0-553-44557-X
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Mass Market Paperback

Dr. Lincoln Blaise needs a fiancée. He knows this because the position he’s applying for at a local college is clearly designed for the married professor. So the equation is simple, get a fiancée and get the job. However, there is a snag – Linc isn’t dating anyone right now, and his formal interview is less than a week away. There’s only one possible candidate, his downstairs neighbor, Daisy Flattery.

Daisy is a “story teller”, a teller of tales, artist, and general all-around flake, or so it seems to Linc. However, making the best of a bad job, he persuades Daisy into taking on the job of “pretend” wife-to-be, and successfully achieves his goals. Daisy is happy with the cash reward, which keeps her in cat food and her apartment, and tries not to remember how nice Linc looked without his shirt. Linc tries hard not to remember how luscious Daisy looked in her lingerie.

Yes, it’s vintage Jennifer Crusie, all right! The improbable pets, wonderfully funny dialogue, and perfectly amazing secondary characters. This story will take you away from wherever you happen to be at the time and plunge you into a world where lovers communicate with words, not just thrusts and grunts (although there are plenty of those too!). A world where love isn’t savage, simple, or attained only through pain. In other words, a real world, albeit one created by Jennifer Crusie. A little corner of Ohio where two nice people fall in love and have a tough time realizing it. They learn a bit about themselves along the way, too.

I was fortunate to find this novel while surfing around used bookstores – I do hope it’s on the list for re-release, because all the charm, humor and passion of a Jennifer Crusie book is packed into these pages, and it’s a wonderful read that doesn’t lose its appeal on second, third or fourth reading! I still laugh out loud whenever I pick it up! Enough said!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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