by Lauren Dane

November 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0703-4
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Tracy Warden knows that her mate is out there. She would just like him to show his face now. When Pack business takes Tracy and members of her family into a neighboring Pack’s territory, all of her prayers are answered. Face to face with Nick Lawrence, Palisade’s Pack Enforcer, and Tracy can’t wait to strip his clothes off. He’s everything she has been yearning for, but fate isn’t quite finished with her.

Tracy has an equally strong reaction to National Pack mediator Gabe Murphy. He is her anchor bond with Nick but their reactions and feelings for each other seem stronger than they should be. Soon Tracy, Nick and Gabe settle in to the kind of blissful ménage once thought to be legendary. With the werewolf mob out to gain control of the National Pack, and through it every Pack in the world, it will all three of them to put a stop to the mob’s plans. But at what cost?

Welcome back to the Cascadia Wolves! Tri Mates has enough heat to straighten your hair. Add clever dialogue, great pacing and a sassy kickass heroine and there's no way you will want to miss this one. New readers will fall in love Nick and Gabe, as well as relish every smartass comment Tracy makes.


Reviewed in December 2006 by Cynthia.

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