by Carolyn Davidson

January 2007
ISBN: 978-0-373-77179-0
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Mass Market Paperback

Ottawa Falls, Colorado, Spring 1878

He must have died in the shootout with the bank robber because when Sheriff Aaron McBain regained consciousness he was looking up at an angel! When his wits return Aaron realizes he is in the hospital and the “angel” is a very real nurse. Hating the confines of the hospital, McBain was willing to do whatever it took to get discharged to his own home and bed. But Aaron was still weak from the bullet wound to his shoulder and he was going to need help and that was where his angel would come in. Offering Anna Whitfield generous pay if she would agree to privately attend him, how could she say no? There was also something that was bothering Aaron about Miss Whitfield, he had the niggling feeling he had seen the woman before, but where?

Susannah Carvel had been running for a long time from the reach of corruption in Washington that resulted in her abusive husband, Senator John Carvel’s murder. Knowing she had been set up to take the rap for Carvel’s death, Susannah had left everything she owned behind and assumed the alias of “Anna Whitfield” taking the much needed job as nurse in the Ottawa Falls hospital. Wary of the handsome sheriff, and letting her heart rule over her better judgment, Susannah let McBain persuade her to accept his offer of private nurse. It wasn’t long before Aaron remembered where he had seen the beautiful “Anna” before; her picture was on the latest wanted poster sitting on his desk! Swearing to protect the woman he has come to care for, Aaron knows of only one way to provide the safe haven Susannah needs, he must marry her!

Carolyn Davidson’s romantic tales of the old west always mesmerize her loyal fans, but I am afraid to say her newest Haven falls short. Haven starts off with a solid beginning, pricking our interest and then about halfway loses it. I found Susannah tiresome in her constant rehashing of her past. Aaron gets caught up in her dilemmas and turns his back on the very thing he is proud of, his job as lawman. I think this story could have been better, and aside of the comic relief of Hattie the book takes itself way to serious.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Bonnie.

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