by Lee Boschen

2000 reissue
ISBN: 1-55316-069-X
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There are some reviews that just donít come easily. This is one of them. The Guardian is a story so full of potential, built on characters that reach out and grab your heart. Itís a story with so many layers to it that a true summary is impossible. So, instead of struggling to do the impossible, Iíll try my best to hit the key points.

Michael McAuliffe is a man on a mission. Heís been working on a project that will revolutionize the flying industry. Little does he know that his project is even bigger than that.

Ava knows. Sheís been sent to make sure that the Others donít succeed in their plans to stop Mike from completing his project and making it a success. Armed with knowledge sent to her from those in an entirely different galaxy, she aids Mike in his endeavors. Falling in love hadnít been what either of them planned. But itís what happens, despite their efforts to resist it. And it isnít an easy love. Mike has loved and lost before and heís determined never to feel that pain again. Ava has never loved, but falling for the man who sheís been sent to protect isnít a good idea. Even a novice to the games of love knows that.

With killers dogging their tail with single-minded determination, they struggle to speed up the process of approval for Mikeís project while moving from place to place to stay a step ahead of the assassins.

What keeps this story from being rather ordinary, or as ordinary as science fiction gets, is the authorís ability to bring out the emotions of the characters. Mike thinks of himself as tough, hard. But his feelings come to the surface on more than one occasion and despite how he thinks of himself the readers will know without a shadow of a doubt that this man feels deeply, strongly. The author has made the ďvillainsĒ more than your typical evil doers. If anything, as each assassin is terminated readers will feel sorrow that another life was snuffed out.

What disappointed me about this book is the authorís rather irritating tendency to interrupt or cut short sentences. Initially, one thinks Mike simply has a problem completing a sentence.

"But you can't ... there's no place here for a ... Come on, Ava, I've only got one bedroom, and there's only one bed in...Oh no, you don't, I'm not sleeping on the floor."

But as the problem spreads to not only his thoughts but her speech and thoughts as well, it becomes increasingly annoying.

Another thing that I disliked was that the Others werenít sufficiently explained. It was never made truly clear why they were trying to stop Mike from completing his project. What did they have against the Star People whoíd sent Ava?

And I also had a bit of difficulty with the ending. I wonít spoil it for you. But it was a bit disconcerting. It felt unfinished.

However, despite all that, I truly enjoyed this book. Strange, I know, but the characters were thoroughly engaging, the primary and the secondary. The authorís writing style, with the exception of the cut sentences, was well executed. I fell into this story, loving almost every minute of it. And despite my slight dissatisfaction with the ending, Iíd read another story by this author in an instant. In fact, thatís exactly what Iím going to go do right now. Search out and read something else this author has written. Who knows maybe Iíll find that this is part of a series and the Others will be explained more clearly elsewhere.

Reviewed in September 2002 by JaToya.

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