by Vicki Lewis Thompson

January 2007
ISBN: 0-312-93909-4
Reviewer Graphic Button St. Martin`s Press
Mass Market Paperback

February, Chicago, Illinois

Majoring in psychology, Amanda Rykowsky’s internship with the diva of sex-therapy, Dr. Gloria Tredway, was anything but boring. Gloria’s tactics would make a skilled call-girl look like an amateur! Stumbling up the staircase to her boss’ second floor office back from a shopping spree at the local sex shop, Amanda was trying to keep her purchases from falling out of the bag. Amanda would die if anyone saw all the sex toys and porn DVDs she was loaded down with! Just about to lose a vibrator, Amanda is saved by a knight in a flap-eared hat!

Stock broker William Sloan hated the label “nerd.” As far as Will was concerned he wasn’t one! But the very attractive woman carrying the exploding package of sex paraphernalia up the staircase was seeing him at his worst. It wasn’t William’s fault if his ears were super sensitive to the cold and he needed to wear hats with ear protectors! Trying to get the all-work-and-no-play Amanda to agree to a date was like pulling teeth. Amanda just kept shooting poor William down. To top that off William had to keep trying to avoid oversexed Gloria’s clutches! Then Amanda starts receiving anonymous Valentines and accuses Will of sending them. Determining it isn’t him, Amanda realizes she is being stalked, and asks William to protect her by posing as her boyfriend. Will is happy to oblige, but can a pretend relationship camouflage the real lust that seems to be exploding between the two of them?

My Nerdy Valentine is the latest in award winning author Vicki Lewis Thompson’s side-splitting nerd series. Comedic antics abound from the first pages as we meet the uptight duo of Amanda and William. Vicki’s trade mark assortment of loopy characters is definitely present in this nerd outing, and we go along on a sexy ride with Will, Amanda, and their entourage. They try to out maneuver the sex-crazed (and way over the top) Gloria, who does get on your nerves after a while. Will’s equally sex obsessed best pal Justin has just been dumped and Will's running interferance between Justin and Gloria gets tiresome. The chuckles pick up again with Amanda’s elderly busybody neighbors Mavis and Chester. The psycho stalker, Harvey grates on you at times but after a visit with him and his equally nutso wife you can understand what puts him over the edge. If you can put aside the logic of how come Amanda doesn't go to the police when she determines that there is a real threat to her safety, then the read can flow smoothly. Its another nerdy time read for fans of the nerds with My Nerdy Valentine.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Bonnie.

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