by Nancy Lynn

July 2002
ISBN: 1-931696-40-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Novel Books Inc.

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Carmichael Winston Jonathan McNally, Mick for short, is in need of a formula – the kind that cleans cars really well. Without it, his car-care business he has worked on from the ground up, will come crashing back down again or worse, be eaten up by the bigger competition. So when his godfather, Lord Timbledown, an English gent who also owns a car-care company and helped Mick start his, lures him to England on the pretense that he has the formula that Mick’s been looking for, Mick eagerly and quickly goes in search of his pot of gold. Only he has to follow the woman who looks like a cat….

Mick has no idea what his godfather meant by his strange note – but if that’s what it takes…. He quickly surveys the passengers on the train where he received the note and finds the perfect woman – the one that he presumes looks like a cat anyway.

Abigail Elderslie, a tour guide on her way to work, is happily napping when she senses a man staring at her. From then on, Mick is hooked and follows Abigail like a hound dog on a 10-day tour of England’s castles with geriatric American tourists and a flashy tour guide trainee.

Abigail and Mick are the perfect mix of fun and sexiness! While Abigail keeps him to her side with the non-existent formula, Mick is hooked in more ways than one – the playful banter and flirtation between the couple is nothing short of funny. And with a busload of senior citizens, equally making them (and the reader) laugh, annoyed and miserable, there’s no shortage of comic relief in the story. And let’s not forget Abigail’s assistant, Bunny, who dresses like a streetwalker and gives a renewed but warped history of England’s famous landmarks.

The romance between Mick and Abigail is both sweet and funny – and it’s no hardship to take a tour with these two along! You really can’t go wrong with a fun romantic contemporary like Whatever It Takes. And despite the missing formula, Mick finds something equally as good and profitable – and no, it’s not LOVE! It entails a quirky chemist of a father and an old Scottish estate that is taken over by an entrepreneurial butler and housekeeper… You have to read it to find out!

Reviewed in September 2002 by Veronica.

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