by Sandra Hill

December 1998
ISBN: 0-8439-4457-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Dorchester Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

When you here the name Sandra Hill you think of laughter and comedy. At least I do. Her book Love Me Tender is a great example of her writing ability. She has blended fairy tale and every day living into her story line. Her flare for the unexpected is marvelous.

When you put two headstrong characters together and add a misfit, or in this case an Elmer Presley, then you have story line for full blown out comedy. The story is an unconventional version of Cinderella. It has the help of an Elvis impersonator and the Mafia. The prince drove an old yellow truck with a fake Spanish accent and Cinderella is an Irish hothead who loves to quote her dearly departed grandmother. She also is a very aggressive stockbroker on Wall Street. Her peers have nicknamed her the Shark. You just cannot miss this book - it just begs for you to read it! Did I forget to mention the prince has two stepsisters? And these two should be given a one-way trip to the Looney bin! But that's my opinion.

When I need a little pick me up or just a good out and out laugh, I turn to Love Me Tender by Sandra Hill. And if that isn't enough, then I will turn to her other books. What talent!

Reviewed in August 2001 by Starla.

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