by Anne Mallory

August 2005
ISBN: 0-06-076223-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Anne Mallory writes with passion and whit, a true romance novelist.

For many years, circumstances forced Audrey Kendrick to lead a dangerous double life as one of London's most legendary thieves. Finally free of that life, she has escaped her past, or so she thinks, until a family crisis forces her back into the life she had hoped to leave behind. But, there is one man who is determined to bring her to justice and he has set up a trap that even Audrey may not be able to escape.

A gentleman spy, Stephen Chalmers, Duke of Marston is as close to unmasking the thief who has long been the bane of London society. He suspects the beautiful and spirited Audrey Kendrick of being the infamous Hermes, but the duke never dreamed that by keeping her in his constant sight, he would fall victim to her charms. Exposing her to the ton may also expose his heart to ruin. Can he take that risk and also rescue Audrey from the clutches that have such a tight hold on her?

One of today's most praised romance writer's, Anne Mallory never disappoints. She writes characters that her readers will fall in love with again and again. Her hero's are strong yet gentle and her heroine's are beautiful yet very strong willed and determined. This is not a tame romance, there is plenty of hot romance and tension to keep you warm through the cold nights ahead.

Curl up with an Anne Mallory book tonight, you'll be glad that you did!


Reviewed in October 2006 by Debbie.

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