by Christine Lynxwiler

December 2006
ISBN: 1597893552
Reviewer Graphic Button Barbour Publishing
Trade Paperback

Thirty-five year old, Allie Richards loses her job when the landscaping company she manages is sold to someone else. Her dream of owning her own business dies a brutal death when the bank refuses a loan. As sole caregiver for her two young daughters, Allie has to come up with a job. But pickings are slim and nobody seems to have any openings.

Soon, Allieís friends convince Allie to enter Shady Groveís Beautiful Town Landscaping Competition. It sounds wonderful, especially since the grand prize is a contract to be the townís landscape artist. The only catch is that every move Allie and her ragtag crew makes will be featured on a reality television show. Daniel Montgomery, the man behind the camera, is a man Allie used to like back in middle school, but he seems to have more in mind that just televising the show. Is there any hope of Allie achieving her dreams?

Promise Me Always is book one in the Pinky Promise Sisterhood series and it is a good read. Allie is a realistic character, well-developed with great kids that act their age. Allieís friends provide a fantastic lineup of secondary characters (ones that Iím anxious to read more about in rest of the books in this series). Daniel seems to be a loveable hero.

The faith message is expertly woven in and isnít preachy. Promise Me Always starts out slow, but once Allie sees the ad for the landscaping competition, the action picks up and I had to keep reading to see what would happen next. I cheered for Allie and her friends as they struggled to make Allieís dreams a reality against all odds. You wonít want to miss Promise Me Always.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Laura.

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