by Elizabeth Lowell

November 1991
ISBN: 1-55166-453-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Mira Books
Mass Market Paperback

In this, the sequel to Fever, Elizabeth Lowell revisits the McCall family, taking us now to Cyndi McCall. Plagued by her annoying father to wed, the independent business woman grabs any excuse she can find to flee his incessant demands. When her business partner disappears into the Cloud forest of the Ecuadorian mountains, Cyndi figures thatís a pretty good place to go and get lost for a while.

Trace Rawlings might not agree. Ruthless and domineering (alpha hero, definitely), heís caught slightly off-guard by this woman he had categorized as a rich and useless bit of fluff. Instead, she turns out to be stubborn, principled and courageous (also alpha, also definitely). The perfect pair of lovers fight, face their troubles, and eventually find passion with each other, all against the exotic backdrop of Ecuador.

Ms. Lowell helps us understand Cyndi, what sheís gone through in the past and where she hopes to be in the future. Trace wants to be there with her, but has to accept that a jungle guide has little in common with a very rich and independent career woman with a megamillionaire father. And Cyndiís father is not as far away from these two lovers as they might wish.

The story is excellent, the settings breathtaking, and the adventure pure Elizabeth Lowell from start to finish. Romances like these put her name at the top of the bestseller list and certainly have kept it there for the many years since this book was issued. Itís a charming tale of love and honor, and I recommend it, especially if you have chance to pick up a copy of Fever first.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Celia.

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