by Jami Alden

November 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1532-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Jami Alden kept me glued into my chair and up past my bedtime to finish her latest book Delicious. Not only was the book very hot but the mystery of who done it kept me on the edge until the end. Her lovemaking scenes were not only steamy but very romantic too.

Regina Jane Caldwell, called Reggie by her friends, is the newest star on Cuisine Network, for a popular television cooking show called Simply Delicious, USA. Not only will she be filming around the states, she is working on her second cookbook. But there is a possible problem and Reggie would like to just ignore it but her assistant, Natalie, also her sister, insists on calling in a bodyguard. She has a friend who knows someone who can help her out. Reggie finally gives in and lets Natalie make that call.

Gabe Bankovic, former military, is a security consultant but can also be a bodyguard if needed. He once had a job working for a friend but while doing a job he got involved with the young lady. After one drink too many, the lady forgot that their relationship was private and starting kissing Gabe. Being this woman was a high profile person, a camera flash was seen and Gabe broke the man's nose as well as his camera, so his friend had no choice but to fire him. But what is nice is they are still friends and Gabe can always make a call if he needs help. Gabe has a new rule, never get sexually involved with his clients. Will he be able to keep that rule in place?

Over a year ago Reggie went on her honeymoon to Hawaii, without the groom. Her relationship with her ex-fiance, Craig, was over because she got the TV show he felt was his. She meets a man and they had a one-night stand. When he woke up "Gina" was gone. He spent hours looking for her but gave up. "Gina" just wanted to have some fun, a night of nothing but hot hot sex and not only did "Gina" have that but so did Gabe.

"Gina" is Reggie and she comes face to face with her one night stand for the first time in over a year. Neither can stop thinking about that night of really hot sex. Gabe is going to keep this very professional and Reggie agrees. But the attraction is still there. The question is will they be able to fight it?

Reggie still thinks that there is nothing to her stalker is. She feels she is in no danger. She has no idea who it could be. She knows her producer Max and her PR person, Tyler would never hurt her. Her schedule is kept very secretive but somehow this person knows where she is and seems to be watching her. Gabe asked his friends for help track down where the threatening e-mails are coming from. The information that is given to Gabe breaks his heart. Is it true that it is all a hoax to sell the new cookbook? What about the show, will it bring in more viewers if there is a stalker? Is it all a lie?

What will happen when Gabe walks away? What about the sexual attraction that they have for each other? Will they act on it? Will it be a hot as it was in Hawaii? Are Max and Tyler behind it all or maybe her sister Natalie is helping her bring more attention to herself? Is there a stalker?

Jami Alden has given me a new book to put on my keeper shelf. When you pick up this book make sure you give yourself the time to sit back and enjoy.

Reviewed in December 2006 by Theresa.

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