by Jaci Burton

October 2006
ISBN: 1-4199-0780-8
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Her genes have been altered, her will corrupted, her freedom stolen but no matter the pain she must endure Waia refuses to submit. Now Waia craves the satisfaction of submitting her will, her body to a master. Although not just any master can reawaken her sensuality while mastering her sexually, it would take a man of exceptional skill.

Waia is taken to planet Dargon where she is to be trained in the art of submission to her masterís pleasure. And the best man for the job is Master Kyr, Dargonís master of dominants. His skills are legendary. He has no equal. With a wave of his arm he can have any sub he desires. He trains them and sends them back to their masters. Until Waia. She fights her instincts and denies herself true pleasure. In her he discovers what he has been missing and he intends to claim her for his own. However, the scientists who created Waia want her back and they will do anything to get her.

In Demand to Submit Jaci Burton returns to the sensual futuristic world she first created in Bound to Trust. Full to brimming with strong dominant characters, male and female, it is a world of sensual pleasures too numerous to name. Richly drawn, masterfully plotted, and exquisitely paced Demand to Submit will have you making demands of your very own.


Reviewed in January 2007 by Cynthia.

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