by Lucy Monroe

February 2007
ISBN: 0-425-21426-5
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Mass Market Paperback

Emily Hamilton's life is about to change forever. Overhearing her father and stepmother plotting to send Emily's deaf stepsister, Abigail, to the Scottish highlands to fulfill a marriage agreement, Emily immediately steps in. She can't allow her sister to be subject to ridicule and hatred. Emily has dealt with that all her life and knows she is strong enough to face it.

Sent to the Scottish highlands, Emily meets her most unwelcoming groom. Talorc of the Sinclair pack does not want to marry an English woman, especially the plain-speaking Emily. In fact, Emily's only friend and supporter in the Sinclair castle is Cait, Emily's sister-in-law to be. Unfortunately, the marriage plans go awry when Emily and Cait are captured by Lachlan and Drustan Balmoral, enemies of the Sinclair pack.

Lachlan is very intrigued by the cheerful and courageous English woman. Too bad she is human because Lachlan needs a femwolf to be his mate, not a human no matter how fierce and alluring she is to him. But with the Sinclair and Balmoral clans on the brink of war, can Lachlan turn away the one source of happiness in his life?

Moon Awakening is the kind of special and engrossing love story that only comes from the mind of Lucy Monroe. The chemistry and immediate sparks between Lachlan and Emily are fascinating and only get better as the story progresses. Lachlan has a lot of pressure on his shoulders and worrying about Emily only adds to it, though it's an amazing pressure he's never expected.

Their personalities are very different but that makes their interactions together that much more interesting. Emily, the cheerful and resilient, if somewhat blunt, English woman, and Lachlan, the reticent and commanding werewolf. A match made in heaven? Certainly not, especially considering the auspicious way they met, but with Lucy Monroe's guidance, these characters flourish, fall in love, and experience the dangers of an impending pack war.

Add in a second romance involving Cait and Drustan and Moon Awakening proves to be an ardent and dynamic story. Werewolf fans will surely enjoy these Scottish shape-changers, and romance fans will fall under the spell of the Balmoral clan.

Reviewed in January 2007 by Sarah.

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