by Lucy Monroe

December 2006
ISBN: 0-373-12590-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Itís been a year since Elisa and Salvatore parted, a year since their passionate but short affair ended. In that year, Elisa has never quite gotten over her love for Salvatore, but she also canít forgive him for leaving her when she needed him the most.

Salvatore has come to protect Elisa. As a jeweler, Elisa is currently in possession of some very expensive jewels that will be going up for auction soon. Salvatore, a security expert, is determined to see that Elisa is safe before the auction. Heís also determined to once again possess her body and heart.

Elisa longs to ignore the passion that still flares hot between them, but itís hard when Salvatoreís very presence makes her remember all the things that were right about their relationship. Can she give him a second chance after he brutally destroyed the first one?

Pregnancy of Passion is vintage Lucy Monroe. Itís a tolerable story, lots of passion, with an alpha male that is a bit too domineering and commanding. More often than not, I was annoyed with Salvatoreís persistent protective instincts, and the demands he put upon Elisa. But what really hurt this story was the fact that he took away all choice regarding pregnancy. I wonít say more as I donít want to spoil it, but it seemed like the only way he achieved his goal was by hurting their relationship even more.

On a more positive note, nobody writes more sensual and tumultuous love affairs than Lucy Monroe. Elisa and Salvatore didnít have an easy relationship by any means, but I felt the ending was realistic and a believable testament to their feelings. Pregnancy of Passion was an average read from an author who can do better and hopefully will in the future.

Reviewed in November 2006 by Sarah.

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