by Dinah McCall

July 1996
ISBN: 0-06-108391-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

Jackson Rule had spent half his life behind bars for murder. Now heís gotten the chance to start over - or so he hopes. Not sure where to begin, he ponders for awhile when he crosses paths with an innocent redhead, Rebecca Hill, who hires him to work for her in the green houses she owns.

Rebecca, a preacherís daughter, has always been taught to give someone the benefit of a doubt, and she believes there are reasons behind what Jackson did - after all, he saved her when her truck was broken down, and he saved her from a drunken delivery man. A cold blooded killer wouldnít do something like that. But she faces a battle of wills. Everyone in the county seems to be against Jackson and shocked that Rebecca would hire an ex-con.

But soon, Jackson would be a hero, saving several people from a burning building and losing his apartment in the end, he moves in with Rebecca, much to the horror of her father. But soon, the truth of what had happened 15 years earlier would come to light and everyone would feel bad for how they had judged Jackson.

But while Rebecca loves Jackson and he loves her, he canít bring himself to commit because of what he comes from, the past he has and the type of person he is. A preacherís daughter should marry someone in better standing with the area, and while heís now well known and liked by some, he doesnít feel heís good enough.

Can Rebecca convince him that she doesnít care?

Read the book and find out! But be sure to have several boxes of tissues on hand, because youíre going to need them. The feelings are well defined in both Rebecca and Jackson and when the character is sad, I cried right along with them! Dinah McCall has done a wonderful job of weaving a story of love and hardship and proving that true love can conquer all - literally.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Lucy.

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