by Rebecca York

March 1995
ISBN: 0-373-59533-6
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette
Mass Market Paperback

Laura has a recurring nightmare that draws her to Ravenwood Mansion. The mystery that lies there seems to be the key to her dream.

Laura is a successful lawyer and not the type of woman given to fanciful notions. She first goes to Ravenwood because she inherits a piece of land that a developer wants to buy. Jake, a sportswriter is also left a piece of land in the same area. They meet up there and Laura enlists his help when a murder takes place.

A very good mystery is attached to this romance. It also has a touch of the supernatural through the ghost of the murdered Julie. Though her death was recorded as an accident, Laura feels she must find how she really died.

Jake has his own reasons to solve the Ravenwood mystery; he believes illegal dumping of chemicals took place in the area that caused his wife to contact cancer of which she died.

The romance between the couple grows throughout the story. The plot and counter-plots make for a very good spine tingling mystery. The tension is very good and the reader gets carried along in the plotline so it is a hard to put down book.

Rebecca York is a good romance author and she sure can write a good mystery. Her characters are well thought out and she uses a good contrast in characterisation throughout this story. It is not an easy mystery to solve and until the villain is unmasked in a dramatic finale I did not guess the culprit.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Mary.

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