by Kate Douglas, Sharon Page, Kathleen Dante

September 2006
ISBN: 0-7582-1489-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Aphrodisia
Trade Paperback

Kate Douglas starts the book with a twist on her Chanku tales in Camille’s Dawn. Camille Mason has been dead for a couple of decades, but has been trapped in limbo. She has finally been able to make her presence felt among the Chanku, but it will take a powerful spell of magic and love to send her on to her final destination. This novella starts out with jaw-dropping eroticism and doesn’t let up. Seeing all of the main Chanku characters again is an added bonus for her fans.

Sharon Page brings us a tale of Varkyre in Midnight Man. Varkyre are different from vampires in one main area – they can become mortal again. The stakes (wink) are high and Michael Rourke must decide if he has enough faith in his soul mate to take the chance. I had a bit of difficulty connecting with the characters in this story for some reason. Michael may be two centuries old, but he still came across as immature and needy. I completely understood why Erin was hesitant to express her feelings.

Kathleen Dante offers readers a tale of magic in Night Pleasures. Alana MacArdry is on the run from a powerful sorcerer who wants her family heirloom. She hopes that the crowd at the Pleasure Quarter will be enough to hide her from his minions. She is surprised to find help in the form of Colin Sheridan, a former soldier with magic of his own. I think I would have liked this story better with some understanding of the world where it took place. There was lots of unfamiliar terminology and I never really caught up.

As anthologies go, Wild Nights is certainly better than many I have read, but is not quite the best. The stories don’t have much in common except the erotic encounters shared by each hero and heroine. Perhaps that lack of a common theme is what hampered my appreciation of the whole book. It certainly wasn’t due to poor writing or editing. Fans of these three talented authors will enjoy it.

Reviewed in October 2006 by Paula.