by Anne Gracie

January 2007
ISBN: 0-425-21345-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Berkley
Mass Market Paperback

Grace Merridew promises to help her best friend, Melly Petifer, who has been promised in marriage to someone she has never met: Dominic Wolfe, now Lord D’Acre of Wolfestone. Apparently, Melly has been betrothed since she was nine years old and never found out until now. Though a betrothal to someone you barely knew was not uncommon at all, Lord Wolfestone makes it clear that it is going to be a marriage in paper only, and that is why Melly is so upset and miserable, since she has always dreamed of having children.

Disguised as a companion to Melly, Grace accompanies Melly and her father to Wolfestone. Right before they arrive, the carriage they were traveling in overturns and she runs to seek help. An infuriating man helps them … and that man turns out to be Lord D'Acre of Wolfestone himself.

The Perfect Kiss is the final title in Anne Gracie’s series about the Merridew sisters. The series is also known as The Sisters of Virtue due to the first names of the five sisters. In this book, the youngest of the five girls, Grace, gets her own happy ending. Grace turns out to be an assertive and strong young lady. Having endured abuse when she was a child, that dark part of her past has not undermined her innate strength of will. Dominic also suffered during his childhood, and that explains his somewhat brooding nature. They make for a beautifully well matched pair. Dominic can see right through Grace’s disguise, feeling strongly drawn to her, and Grace shares the attraction. As is a trademark in this series, there is a slight subplot involving two secondary characters. Very few authors are able to pull secondary plots like Ms. Gracie.

Although I wouldn’t call this story my favorite in the series, it still proved to be a well written, engrossing historical romance with nicely drawn characters. I was not disappointed one bit and definitely look forward to Ms. Gracie’s future work. The Perfect Kiss can be read as a stand alone and I definitely recommend it to all lovers of historical romance.

Reviewed in March 2007 by Mireya.

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