by Johanna Lindsey

ISBN: 0-552-12784-1
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Mass Market Paperback

Lady Leonie is forced into marriage by her stepmother to a man known as The Black Wolf - Rolfe of Crewel. Their passion for each other smoulders under the surface until it is hard for them to contain.

Leonie is a brave heroine. She is determined to change her husbandís way of thinking, but finds the fact that his mistress still stays at the keep hard to bear. However, the only reason Rolfe keeps his mistress there is because he believes she is pregnant with his child. Though he is no longer interested in her as he has fallen for his wife. Rolfe and Leonie have contrasting personalities that work well in their romance; Rolfe is a hard man but Leonie finds a soft centre in him and is able to change his mind on some of his harsher decisions.

The story is full of misunderstandings between the couple. Given the time period, 1176, I could see how these misunderstandings came about. There is a lot of tension in the story and a few good plots run through it. Johanna Lindsay writes very good historicals as she researches her subjects well so the characters and their behaviour during that time period are very convincing.

Secondary characters like Amelia, the mistress, and Julia, the stepmother add a lot of intrigue to the story. The delightful maid, Wilda, is a character that I really liked; it was good to see a servant taking such a prominent role in the story.

I enjoyed the story and found the characters interlaced well with each other making the whole story run very smoothly.

Reviewed in September 2002 by Mary.

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