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Amy Mistretta Living in New York, Amy Mistretta is a multi-published author of romantic-suspense whose passion is creating characters for her readers to fall in love with over and over again. She is also the Daily Soap Opera updates news writer and website manager for the "One Life to Live" and "Passions" division of

I'm like to welcome Amy Mistretta to A Romance Review. Thanks Amy for taking time out of your schedule to agree to this interview.

Thanks for having me!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well, I'm pretty laid back, most content when I'm with my laptop. I have an immense passion for storytelling, with way too many ideas floating around my head LOL!

How long have you been writing romantic suspense? And why romantic suspense?

I've been writing romantic suspense for about 2 years now. And why romantic suspense? I switched from writing strictly contemporary to romantic suspense because I love the element of danger. It brings the characters closer together on a whole other level.

Is it the only subgenre that you see yourself writing?

I'd have to say yes. I love it too much to do anything else. (smile)

Is there another that you would like?


Secrets Within is an amazing story. Where and how did the premise for that story come about?

I get that question a lot. To be honest, it just came to me one day. I was trying to look for an unusual plot where my heroine could save the hero from his past, wanted to be a bit different as it's usually the other way around.

Have you had a lot of questions or comments on the fact that Evan is an ex-con?

Oh, yes…

Do you think too much emphasis might be played on that part of the story and not see what it truly is about?

I think his being an ex-con is really what makes for a ton of tension in many different areas of the book. For instance, the heroine is fighting with her family and the town because of her involvement with the hero, leaving Reese and Evan fighting the odds that are stacked against them in order to survive…

There are some books that just call to us readers that need a follow up story and Secrets Within is one that is calling to me. So, will Secrets Within have a sequel?

I have to say, you're not the only one who's said that LOL. I don't know, as of now, I don't have any plans for a sequel. But you never know, Evan and Reese may one day demand me to write one!

Waves of Fate and Cannibury Hill are being released in 2007 from a different publisher. How different are these two stories from the first time they were released? Did you add more to the stories?

Here's where my sub-genre switch will be noticed. When the books were first released, they were contemporary love stories. With their re-release, I plan to bring the readers back into the same scenery, but add a more suspenseful read to the plot, which in turn will force a change to the outcome of the books.

Can you tell us what you are currently working on and briefly give us a hint of what it is about?

My work in progress is titled Tropical Illusions. Here's a little sneak peek: Felicia Mathews is miles away from home, on a sandy beach, on the most beautiful tropical island where she must trust no one, not even the very sexy Nash Brewer. Little does she know, her dream vacation, the man making all those dreams come true, are nothing more than an illusion.

Do you know what your next release will be after Secrets Within and when we can expect it and where we can find it?

Right now I'm shopping around my latest novel Undying Passions. Once that's sold, I'll have more information regarding the purchase info. My August release Alone in Forrester Rock can be ordered into any bookstore or found on Amazon and Barnes and

In your bio on your site, I noticed that you are a writer and website manager for the Daily Soap Opera news for One Life to Live and Passions division of Can you tell us about this?

Oh, this is such a dream job and a very exciting one, too. Basically, I'm in charge of each division. I write daily recaps of the shows, deliver news, weekly polls, cast bios, etc. I've also had the pleasure of interviewing some of the most popular names in daytime television! How did this come about? I basically just applied for the job after seeing the listing.

If there is one thing that you would tell your readers and fans, what would it be?

I always want my fans and readers to know that it's their loyalty and readership that feeds my passion, making what I do a success!

Is there something you would like to add that I've missed or want to say?

I want to thank Pam and A Romance Review for having me today! It's been a pleasure!

Thanks again Amy. I enjoyed Secrets Within and looking forward to more of your stories.

And thank you Pam for your awesome review!

Contributed by Pam, September 2006

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