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In an effort to provide authors with a promotional opportunity that provides greater coverage of their latest novel than just a simple banner ad, A Romance Review is opening up one slot per month to authors wishing to increase their promotional exposure. This page, devoted to your book, will feature the cover, a blurb, and a "pop up" page - opening in a new window, just like this one has - where you may offer a good sized excerpt (up to a chapter if you wish) of your novel. It will be accompanied by your biography, a link to your website, and also links to other books of yours if they have been reviewed by A Romance Review.

Only ONE book per month will be featured, thus affording you the maximum exposure for your upcoming work. An accompanying announcement will be prominently displayed on the front page of the site. You are welcome to link to this feature through your site as long as you understand that this is a ONE MONTH only opportunity. At the time of the new month's upload, your feature will be retired and NOT archived.

While we understand that not all authors have firm release dates, we are accepting applications for this spot on a first-come-first-served basis, beginning with December 2005. If you prefer to feature a currently available book, that is fine with us, although it's certainly to your advantage to coordinate this spotlight with the release of your novel.


This is a one-time opportunity for authors and is priced at a one time fee of $50.00. This is payable through the Paypal account.


Please email our Editor-in-Chief at the following address... and put the phrase "Special Feature Advertising" in the subject line.

Include the MONTH you wish to reserve for your promotional feature, along with an alternate month if possible. This will give all authors a fair chance, and our Webmaster will respond shortly informing you of current availability. If you are accepted, you will need to provide the following items at least two weeks prior to the feature appearing:
A low resolution jpg of your cover will be resized to fit the page.
A blurb of your novel (less than 500 words, please)
A biography (also 500 words or less, please)
A chapter of your work - any length, created as an .rtf or .doc file and saved as an "htm" file in Microsoft Word. This will provide us with an instantly uploadable document. We cannot, unfortunately, convert your excerpt into html.