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About Us............

A Romance Review is simply a group of people who have been brought together by their passion for romance! Whether reading it, or writing about it, we are all dedicated to the idea that a pleasure shared is a pleasure enhanced.

Although there were difficult times during its inception in the summer of 2001 (birthing pains?), a core group of romance fans emerged intact and put together a striking and exciting restructured site in October. Since that time, we have added to our numbers by inviting and welcoming romance reviewers with a variety of interests.

We represent several countries around the world, and many states across the U.S.A. We range in age from youngsters in their twenties to youngsters in their fifties and sixties. We work, we raise families, we are published and we are writing, and we all enjoy offering our opinions to the world through our site. We are constantly learning from and challenging one another - our interactions and friendships within the group are stimulating and, in many cases, life-enriching.

Our goals are to inform, to entertain, and to present a site that will provide any romance reader with everything and anything they wish to know about romance novels. We want you to be able to learn something you never knew before, to read the words of your favorite writers as they discuss their craft, and to read the words of new writers whose works may well become the best-sellers of tomorrow.

We want you to be interested in our columns, fascinated with our interviews, but above all, we want you to be an informed romance reader! We pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our reviews; no matter what your preference in romance reading - contemporary, historical, regencies, paranormal, (and everything in between), you will find it reviewed on our site.

Looking for a book by a certain author? Want to try someone new? We'd like to think your first stop will be A Romance Review. We are partnered with to make your shopping decisions easier (and to provide a little financial support for our site). We do not advertise at this time.

This is our mission and a simplified look at our goals. We hope you will continue to visit and enjoy our site - if it's about romance, we've got an opinion!!

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